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Het semantisch web is ‘in’:  je struikelt over de posts.

Deze bijv Semantic Web offers challenges and opportunity (The Globe and Mail)

While the Semantic Web offers opportunities for businesses to better use the information they already have by linking it and combining it with other datasets, there’s a challenge: Today, the tools for building semantic solutions aren’t always accessible to non-technical users.

“That’s really the big problem I see for SMBs and the Semantic Web: the tools are too costly, and the setup and the domain knowledge to create those ontologies [are] too costly to really do anything of significance at the moment,” Ms. Mueller says.

Of deze: For Poderopedia, It’s All About Semantics

One of the first technological decisions we made in Poderopedia, a project by Poderomedia Foundation that aims to promote greater transparency in Chile by mapping and visualizing the relationships among the country’s elite, was to adopt semantic technologies to store and query data.

We decided to use OWL (Web Ontology Language) … use linked data …Our Ontology is open and available for everybody to use.

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