NVB10 : Annette Dortmund – Cloud computing voor bibliotheken

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Annette Dortmund, productmanager bij OCLC heeft een gevarieerde achtergrond in bibliotheekautomatisering inclusief projectmanagement, account management, consultancy, business development, support en productmanagement.

Is het ook zinvol voor bibliotheken om hun managementsystemen en data online te zetten?
Welke voordelen biedt de cloud op het gebied van web-based applicaties voor bibliotheekmanagement en diensten voor eindgebruikers? En welke nieuwe samenwerking- en netwerkmogelijkheden tussen bibliotheken vloeien voort uit deze technologie? De presentatie (Engelstalig) geeft een overzicht van de ontwikkelingen en overwegingen op het gebied van cloud computing voor bibliotheken en geeft aan welke voordelen deze nieuwe generatie bibliotheektoepassingen te bieden heeft.

Changing perceptions

Cloud computing is going to stay with us.

  • web based apps ; Facebook bv
  • data sharing
  • files sharing

Services: Infrastructure – platform – applications – services

Started in the enduser area. (quote Geoffrey Moore)

Why Cloud computers for enterprisees

  • costs : you do not need an IT department0
  • improve services
  • higher quality services then you can afford

Challenges / risks of cloud computing

  • data security, privacy, data ownership
  • scalability, performance, network
  • interoperability of services
  • complicance legal standards national, EU, international, lack of standards

“If you think that you know better than ‘the cloud’, you don’t’ (Geoffrey Moore)
So deal whith it. You cannot afford to ignore it.

Libraries have been building ‘cloud’ services for 40 years; good tradition in sharing and co-operating. But don’t think you can cut on the IT department: you still need a lot of support from them.

Improvement via cloud computing library management. A lot of lib systems are developped 20 years ago ; more and more modules became neccesary. So why not develop a complete new and more integrated solution.

Build a new set of services

  • all workflows
  • more open new development

Choose a new service:

  • collaboration – share data and services in  a controlled way
  • data richness – data pools and integrated workflows
  • openness  – interoperability
  • extensibility – open, but extensable

Design a system : Data layer – service layer – tool/application layer

Such an architecture is a platform.

The use of a technology is only what you make of it.

For 25 years in library automation we’ve had a choice of brand, now we have of choice of kind (M Breeding)

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