Science journalism: Breaking the convention? – Nature News

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Science journalism: Breaking the convention? : Nature News:

Interessant artikel over de problemen die optreden bij wetenschappelijke bijeenkomsten door de opkomst en het gebruik van de sociale media.

Enkele quotes:

Blogging can create much thornier issues for researchers. Many presenters are already cautious about revealing unpublished results at meetings for fear that rivals in the audience might note them down. Now that the note-taking is taking place live and on the web, the speed and distance that information spreads has jumped to a new level. “With the set-up I have now, I would be able to sit in a conference, take pictures of every slide that is being shown, and it would be on the Internet within seconds, while the talk is still going on,” says Jensen. This kind of direct-to-web exposure creates problems for many industrial and applied researchers.
“In many fields, competition is so intense that you must conceal to survive,”
“At future meetings, anyone communicating information to third parties, whether by news story, blog or ‘tweet’, will now be required to ask presenters beforehand.


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