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Het was me even ontgaan, maar Scopus heeft een paar weken geleden een nieuwe 2-maandelijkse nieuwsbrief ‘ Research trends uitgebracht.

Inhoud van nummer 1: (pdf)

Scientometrics from past to present
The origins of scientometric research can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century. In the 21st century, the field is growing at an enormous pace and attracts interest far beyond the walls of universities and institutions. This two-part article explores not only scientometrics’ past but also its impact on and relevance in the present.

Country analysis: examining the numbers
Research evaluation at country or national level is moving increasingly towards a metric-based system. The data produced can give interesting insights into the results within and between countries. We examine some of the numbers and what they can tell us.

Focus on Turkey: the influence of policy on research output
Scientific research is becoming increasingly global. In the first of a series exploring research trends across borders, we focus on Turkey and the policy changes that have affected article output in recent years.

From h to g: the evolution of citation indices
The ‘g-index’ was developed by Professor Leo Egghe in 2006 in response to the ‘h-index’. Both indices measure the output (quantity) and impact (quality or visibility) of an individual author. Egghe explains why he thinks the g-index is an improvement.

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